“Get to know SINFONICA Partners!ā€ is a series of interviews we launched to introduce you to the SINFONICA Partners. On our website and social channels, we will periodically publish episodes to give you the opportunity to find out a little more about who we are and what our goals and ambitions are.

For the fourth episode of the series we present an interview with the representants of our Partners from ARRIVA Netherlands and the Province of Noord Brabant.

These two Partners work closely together to carry out data collection activities in the Province of Noord Brabant, site of one of the 4 Groups of Interest of the SINFONICA project, together with the City of Trikala in Greece, the Municipality of Hamburg in Germany and the West Midlands region in the UK.

The Groups of Interest play a fundamental role within the SINFONICA project, as they are predefined groups of stakeholders and specific categories of users that will be involved in multiple engagement activities and will be the source of fundamental information in terms of the expectations, concerns, needs and requirements related to the Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility – CCAM. The engagement activities will consist of a series of interviews, focus groups, structured workshops to explore the issues under investigation and a survey extended to a large number of participants. The information thus collected will be exploited for the creation of a tool called Knowledge Map Explorer, specifically dedicated to the dissemination of the knowledge acquired through the project’s activities and the dissemination of SINFONICA results, as well as the development of an interactive assessment tool for CCAM solutions that takes into account social indicators to support the design of new mobility services.

For all these reasons, it is interesting to know the perspective of these two Partners by listening to their interviews. ARRIVA is a leading company in the transport sector, the Province of Noord Brabant has experience at the forefront of European research projects. Working in synergy, these two partners aspire to investigate the social and human factors aspects of the development of new mobility technologies and CCAM. The ambition is to encourage the dissemination of inclusive and accessible transport solutions for all, in order to improve the quality of life of people living in those territories.

To do this, ARRIVA and the Province of Noord Brabant will exploit the participatory methodology specifically developed within SINFONICA to favor co-creation approaches involving a wide range of users and stakeholders involved in the CCAM sector, including the Vulnerable Road Users categories, to foster inclusiveness in the mobility system.

This is precisely the main objective of our project: to advance the social dimension of CCAM research, which is often too focused on technological development aspects. At SINFONICA, we are convinced that technological advancement cannot be separated from social innovation, which is why we strive to involve all stakeholders in the mobility sector and encourage them to raise their voices and participate in change.

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