The SINFONICA Consortium held its Steering Committee in presence on 11 and 12 March.

SINFONICA Steering Committees are held remotely on a monthly basis but, at least every 6 months, the Partners meet in presence for a detailed and in-depth discussion on the results obtained and the next steps to be implemented in order to achieve the expected outcomes. The one that just took place – hosted in Turin by the Partner Politecnico di Torino – was a particularly important Steering Committee, as it coincided with the end of the 18th month of project’s lifetime, which marks the halfway point of SINFONICA and represents a symbolic turning point.



These were two intense days, during which the colleagues from the Coordinator University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (UNIMORE) moderated the speeches of the Partners and leaders of the various Work Packages, who were busy reporting on the main activities carried out so far, the results obtained, the challenges encountered and any deviations from the set path.

The day of Monday was dedicated to a review Focus Group on the ongoing data collection in each Group of Interest (GoI).

In fact, at this stage of the project, Partners from the territories where the GoIs were established are in the midst of data collection activities and are engaging people with mobility challenges and CCAM stakeholders to participate in interviews, focus groups, and workshops on the basis of the strategy defined in Work Package 1 and 2.

In this regard, it is worth mentioning that data collection and engagement activities, in SINFONICA, are planned following a participatory approach and in an articulated plan, which is the results of preliminary research and planning work. In fact, 3 rounds of participatory approach have been planned to collect the needs, expectations, concerns and ambitions of public transport users, through different engagement activities.



Monday’s Focus Group occurred while the second round of participatory approach is ongoing. SINFONICA Partners participated in an intensive session on the activities carried out within the framework of the GoIs. The occasion was useful as the Partners from the GoIs territories presented the main feedback and results of the first round, also in the light of what is being implemented during the second round and in view of the third and final round of participatory approach. Each SINFONICA Partner had the opportunity to intervene to ask questions, make suggestions and provide feedback. The Workshop made it possible to gather important information that will be used in the project to draft recommendations and lessons learnt to be shared and disseminated with other initiatives and research projects operating in the CCAM domain.

The discussion between the Partners lasted until dinner, which was served in an exceptional location, as can be seen from the photos below.



Tuesday’s meeting, then, was devoted to a general review of the activities of the various active Work Packages. The Work Package Leaders detailed the progress of the respective Tasks and collected feedback from the various Partners. Here again, the discussion was an opportunity to plan the next steps, now that the activities of the GoIs are beginning to deliver the first, concrete results.



Although the Partners are in daily contact with each other, no communication channel can replace such opportunities to meet in person for a stimulating and multidisciplinary exchange and mutual contamination.

Once again, the in-person Steering Committee was an important moment that has already enabled new initiatives and perspectives for SINFONICA in the months to come to be launched.

Keep following us for the next news.