“Get to know SINFONICA Partners!ā€ is a series of interviews we launched to introduce you to the SINFONICA Partners. On our website and social channels, we will periodically publish episodes to give you the opportunity to find out a little more about who we are and what our goals and ambitions are.

For the fifth episode of the series we present an interview with Andrew Winder, representing our Partner ERTICO – ITS Europe.

ERTICO is a public-private partnership that brings together a wide range of actors and stakeholders operating in the Intelligent Transport System (ITS) sector. It is an organisation that is particularly active in the field of research and innovation projects in this area, participating as a beneficiary or coordinator in several European projects with a cross-sectoral dimension, ranging from logistics to CCAM.

Within the framework of the SINFONICA project, ERTICO puts its expertise at the service of the Consortium to contribute to various project objectives and results. The part of SINFONICA in which they are involved as coordinators includes all activities aimed at delivering guidelines, recommendations and best practices derived from the research carried out during the project.
SINFONICA, in this sense, aims at analysing issues and topics related to social innovation and inclusivity in the CCAM context: the focus is on urban and peri-urban public transport and particular attention is paid to the expectations, needs and concerns of vulnerable road users.
Part of the work carried out in SINFONICA is intended to transform the data and information collected during the project – thanks to the activities carried out in the 4 Groups of Interest territories – into knowledge to be shared for the benefit of future research and innovation projects that will work to facilitate and stimulate a rapid deployment and effective adoption of CCAM solutions in Europe and beyond. This is precisely the context in which ERTICO can use its multidisciplinary expertise to capitalise on the commitments of the other partners.

In addition, SINFONICA will also benefit from the network of the ERTICO partnership to broaden the range of stakeholders and actors to whom it will address its impacts, in order to ensure that research and advancement in CCAM does not only take into account technological aspects but also includes social ones, to ensure that no one is left behind in the transition to the mobility of the future.

This is why it is interesting to watch the video interview and learn about ERTICO’s perspective and ambitions within the SINFONICA project. Watch the full video on our YouTube channel and keep following us on our website and social channels!